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Yard Signs of Life

The yard signs have arrived! Want one? Want two?? Know anyone else who wants one? Send us a message and we'll get one (or 2) to you.

This is a momentous moment for a small dollar campaign. I’m filled with pride. These signs were purchased with dollars of trust and hope, not massive influxes of dirty cash with strings attached.

It’s not about me, it’s about moving toward real representation; Its about fighting until all campaigns are run this way. Striving for that moment when huge PAC dollars and massive war chests are viewed as suspect to the people and detrimental to success.

These signs are signs of life in our dying democracy. It can be revived, nursed to health, and defended... but we all have to do our part, cuz there’s not much time left.

-Get a sign -Spread the word -Write some postcards -Knock on some doors -Send us a few bucks -VOTE

95 days to go.

“The 2018 elections will almost certainly be the most consequential midterms of my life.” -Dan Rather

#forward #wisconsin

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