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Voting Is Not Enough

See your calendar? It’s only June.

-Moratoriums on evictions have ended.

-Evictions are skyrocketing. -Wealthy landlords who control our State Legislature, see this as a good thing. -Unemployment benefits will soon expire. -We are living in an economic depression. -Millions are unemployed. -Covid 19 will ebb and flow for months/years hitting the poorest and lowest level workers hardest. What do you suppose will happen? What will the people do? Where will they go? The spark to rebellion and revolution is hard to predict. In Minneapolis it was a murder by police. Cosmetic changes to Police practices have not worked well before, they likely won’t work now. These changes do not address the actual problems facing everyday Americans: -deindustrialization of our cities -Massive income inequality imposed by the ruling class who have purchased politicians in both parties -half our discretionary spending going to an endless, pointless, overseas war machine -a rapacious, profit based, life crushing health care system Our “leaders” don’t address these problems because they do not work for everyday people. The United States and Wisconsin are not immune from the inevitable results of state imposed human suffering. History lets us know what eventually happens. Minneapolis was just the beginning. This isn’t good news. But it’s real news, we all should know it, we should all prepare. Pay attention, don’t be placated, don’t be gas-lit. Check on your neighbors, fight for the future, live your days, seek local solutions, build local solutions, imagine, have courage, voting is not enough.

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