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The McCabe Moment

Wisconsin could change everything. We might be living in the state where the pivot happens. The pivot heard round the world.

Wisconsinites know about the midterm elections. They know the governor’s seat is up for grabs.

They know about Walker.

They’ve heard that there are a bunch of candidates trying to beat him.

Slowly and methodically, all across the state, one name keeps coming up: Mike McCabe.

That’s how politics should be. Slow and methodical, word of mouth. Conversation to conversation. It should come in as a trickle. At the coffee shop, at the hardware store, in the village park.

-‘Have you heard about Mike McCabe? He was just here. He doesn’t seem like the usual slick talkin’ party guy. He’s doing it with all sorts of regular folks helping. He’s not spending tons of money, he’s just listening, and it seems like he’s got a plan’-

Our country is spiraling down a vortex of greed and hubris. We are handing over our noble experiment of equality and opportunity to the super wealthy. The rest of the world, including many of our long standing allies are pulling away from us.

Soon there will be no turning back.

Each week that passes finds America more isolated in the world, and our congressional representatives and Supreme Court have proven unable or unwilling to slow this trend.

As is true with all successful movements, change comes from below. It comes from the people. The towns, and counties and the states will have to hold Washington accountable.

The state’s will have to:

-protect their own resources -ensure their own internet freedom -enact laws to fight rampant corruption -bolster their own public education

It must come from below, or it won’t come at all.

Wisconsin has a chance to lead. Wisconsin has a chance to throw a wrench into the works.

We have a chance to toss a brick through the window of the elite profiteers who have purchased our government, degraded our wilderness and commoditized our lives.

Imagine for a moment a Governor who doesn’t instantly retreat to the corner of their political party.

Imagine a Governor able to speak freely about the scandalous corruption that controls our state and country.

Imagine one of the fifty American governors reminding the other 49 how our country was supposed to function. For the people, by the people.

Imagine if that Governor was Wisconsin’s Governor.

I’ve met and deeply admire several of the other candidates running for Governor. I know that each of them would be a welcome change to the current donor controlled, spineless puppet we now have.

However; behind closed doors, those who actually control Wisconsin: -WMC -Dairy Business Association -Americans for Prosperity -Realtors Association -The Ueihleins, Hendricks, Menards etc

Are exponentially more afraid of one gubernatorial candidate above all others.

We must embrace The McCabe Moment, while we still have a chance. We must realize how incredibly fortunate we are to have this choice.

If we the people are able to wrest control of our state from the hands of the wealthy influencers, back to where it belongs... the moment could last.... and the movement could spread. All across the country.

We could return to how it was supposed to be; regular people calmly and wisely speaking for their friends and neighbors. Citizen representatives, untethered from constant fundraising and return favors.

Imagine the movement spreading. Imagine the toning down of the spectacle and grandiose madness of politics. Imagine wisdom and calmness taking hold.

It can happen , and it could start in Wisconsin.

Mike McCabe has dedicated his life to telling you the truth, to clean and transparent governance, and to real public service. Mike is an incredibly kind spirit, an energetic warrior, who has a serious and stoic grasp of the problems we face, and offers clear, concise, feasible solutions.

But The McCabe Moment is really not about him.

The McCabe Moment is about harnessing the spirit of those who came before us. It’s about upholding the tradition of those who fought against the massive wealthy interests who will always seek to control citizen’s lives. It’s about seeking out and supporting, and maybe even becoming a politician who is ONLY concerned with what’s best for their constituents. Representatives who serve the people with a sense of pride and honor.

This might be our last chance. The mechanisms and might of our corrupt government are tightening the clamps on us. They’re in the business of suppressing our votes and monitoring our every move.

As I give my full support and humble endorsement to The Mike McCabe Moment, I urge you to do the same.

It could change everything.


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