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Reality of a Small Dollar Campaign

That’s a picture of a check we returned. $1000 sent back.

This is what a small dollar campaign looks like.

The check came from a group I wholeheartedly agree with on every issue they advocate for, but they have a PAC and we don’t accept PAC money.

The reason is simple: The money corrupts, distorts, and distracts. In the extreme, there is blatant, outright, pay-to-play corruption. It has become commonplace. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. It’s killing our democratic process, and yielding horrific results for the average American.

But even for groups or individuals you agree with, PAC spending and big donations are a huge problem. So much time and energy is poured into fundraising and fund spending; courting and promoting some candidates, and working against others.

Candidates need money to run a campaign. Relying on PAC’s or wealthy donors for that money necessarily takes you away from the people; the ordinary people you are tasked with representing.

If we want direct, honest representation, we must end this system, and we must end it now. The only way is to rely on combined small donations from you and your friends and neighbors.

By the end of July we raised:

$6,425.17 from 115 donors.

We spent:

$5,873.35 on signs, canvassing handouts, t-shirts, postcards and Facebook ads.

Since then we’ve raised about $1000 more from several small donors and spent it on more yard signs.

92.17% of our donations were $100 or less. Median donation- $37

0-PAC donations 0- donations over $200

We need your help, Wisconsin needs your help, our nation wide twisted campaign system needs your help. We must join together with small donations until we elect enough people who are ready and willing to GET THE MONEY OUT.

If you are able, please consider a small dollar donation to our campaign.

Link HERE.

Thank you.

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