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Politics and my Ma

My mom recently celebrated her Birthday, turning the page on 74 years of life.

She is a lifelong, proud, active member of the Republican Party. My sister and I used to stuff envelopes for GOP mailers when we were kids. For Christmas I’d use my allowance to buy my Ma little elephant figurines to add to her collection.

There’s not much we agree on politically, but that’s ok. We still laugh a lot, talk baseball and share family stories.

When I told her I was running as a Democrat she said: “Oh! Where did I go wrong?!” ...with laughter behind it.

What she might not realize is that she didn’t go wrong. She taught me life’s lessons through her tireless, compassionate work and unwavering support.

For decades I’ve watched her work as an attorney. I’ve seen her comfort and guide parents and children through contentious custody battles. I’ve seen her pouring over pro-bono tax returns for elderly clients, and walking people through wills, probates, titles and closings.

I remember kicking the bench in front of me with my sneakers when she’d have to take us to court with her in the summertime. I’ve seen concerned clients frantic in her office, or even out in public at a restaurant. I’ve seen their concern turn to calmness as she reassured them: “don’t worry about it, it’ll be ok, we’ll take care of it”

She always did. And she still does.

We talked about the campaign recently and she said she’s “very proud” of me. That said... I still have not received her official endorsement. Hmmmmm... Note to self, send more pictures of the grandkids....

Happy Birthday Mom. Many happy returns... Love and thanks to you.

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