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On Bayard Godsave

Lemme tell ya about Bayard Godsave.

It sounds like an esoteric fictional name, but he’s real. Significantly realer than most.

It just so happens that Bayard Godsave and I attended the same primary, middle and high schools. It just so happens that Bayard and I took a drivers education course together in 1993..... good times.

Bayard and I went our separate ways after high school. In a twist of fateful coincidence, Bayard Godsave and I both happened to fall in love with and marry strong, independent, revolutionary, professional women who were both born in Wisconsin. And now as it happens our families live nearby each other in Menomonie.

Bayard Godsave also happens to be a professor and an accomplished, published author. His books are on my shelf. You should check ‘em out, HERE.

But aside from all the happenstance, Bayard Godsave is something more. He is part of an ever growing group of concerned Wisconsinites who have caught on to the games being played in Madison. He sees how the tentacles of big business and donor approved legislation are purposefully squeezing the life out of local communities to line their pockets.

Yes Bayard is my friend, yes our campaign for State Assembly is mentioned in his short piece published in the Dunn County News, HERE. But I urge you to read his paragraphs and then research it yourself: Find out what’s been done in your name, find out who’s done it, and hold them accountable in November.

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