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Neighbors, Turn Your Magic On

On the sidewalk the other morning, a beige Ford Focus coming out from a driveway was waiting for me to pass, longer than I would have waited.

Behind the wheel was a seasoned woman who had made it to see the friend who does her hair recently or else she’s really talented. She had flowers on the shoulder of the dress I could see and even in that small car she wasn’t situated much higher than the steering wheel.

The glasses may have been the kind that darken with the sun, not sure, but they were the big frames where the arm that goes over the ear seems lower than it should be cuz the glass part gets up above the eyebrow, almost.

Why is it only older woman who wear those? They’re good.

Anyway she was waiting, and I gave a wave of appreciation and I received in return the best and biggest smile I’ve seen in quite some time. I’m gonna keep that with me.

So if you saw someone jog/clapping down the street this morning that was me.

Hope she gets to hug her grandkids soon..❤️

Then when I got back to my phone I took this random picture of my sky and I filtered the hell out of it.

Neighbors, Turn your magic on.

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