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Wisconsin Wells in Crisis

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

In this report from Necedah WI, it states:

“This is not ordinary. It is not normal to see that percentage of wells exceeding the standard”

Unfortunately it is becoming increasingly normal, and it’s only getting worse.

“....we would not want it to be used by infants less than six months of age or women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant," the water expert said. Others would be advised to "avoid long-term consumption."

-There is no concrete plan of action coming from our current administration to address this problem.

-They do not act because more testing would show more contamination and would be detrimental to their political aspirations and the bank accounts of their funders.

-This is NOT a left or right issue. It is a health concern for all of us.

-We can afford and must implement urgent water testing plans all across the state.

-We can afford and must empower the DNR and scientists and experts to assist lawmakers with the best plans to halt and reverse this contamination.


Legendary news man Dan Rather said just last week: “The 2018 elections will almost certainly be the most consequential midterms of my lifetime.”

No where is this more true than at the state and local level. We don’t have time to wait for the federal government. Imagine how far down the contamination hole we’ll be by 2020.

Trump and Pruitt and whichever corporate pro-polluter lackey becomes the next head of the EPA will continue their work to decimate the Clean Water act and other water protections.

Just to be clear, so you can picture it in your mind: Last year, Trump and Pruitt vowed to destroy clean water protections and that announcement made many of the people who control Wisconsin happy.

Let that sink in. The polluters and the politicians they’ve purchased were happy to hear that news.

They don’t care about your drinking water.

Register to vote.

Support and VOTE for candidates who will make your clean water a priority.

We don’t have to live like this. We simply need to shift our priorities.

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