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Just Passing Through...

I walked past a cemetery while knocking on doors in Menomonie the other day.

I’ve always thought that in addition to being a solemn place of remembrance for friends and family, cemeteries serve another purpose. They’re a reminder to all of us that we’re only passing through.

As I tried to think of the best way to express that thought, this marker for a Mr. Peter Linch did it for me:

“Remember man as you pass by, as you are now, so once was I. As I am now, so you shall be. I pray think on a eternity”


Peter Linch was born in 1828. He like the others laid down here, had plans and goals, worries and doubts. They laughed and loved, cried and ached.

I’ll do my best to let the energy of the cemetery remind me to go forward with purpose, to help move past reservations and irritations, to do my best to embrace the day, and to always remember, we’re all just passing through.


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