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It's VOTING day!

Don't let the snow stop you from getting to the polls!

“If we desire a society that is democratic, then democracy must become a means as well as an end.” -Bayard Rustin

For the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Rebecca Dallet is my choice. I despise the amount of money spent on both sides of this race, but the salivating over Dallet’s opponent by the corporate oligarchic class, let’s you know that ‘we the people’ will not be the first thing factored into his rulings.

Jim Swanson, Tricia Thompson and Chris Freeman are my choices for Menomonie School Board. I attended the forum at the Mable Tainter last week and it’s clear to me that the safety as well as the educational and fiscal future of our school district will be honestly and sensibly guided by these 3.

I vote NO! on the Referendum for eliminating the Office of the Treasurer. The position is there to oversee YOUR tax dollars. The majority party got rid of The Government Accountability Board. They’d like to get rid of the Elections Commission, and they want to get rid of the Treasurer. Why do you think that is? It ain’t about saving your money.

ST. CROIX COUNTY!! Vote YES! on the United to Amend referendum on your ballot. Money is not speech, corporations are not people, and Citizens United must be repealed. The wise people of Dunn County passed it years ago. Now thanks to the tireless efforts of anti corruption warriors in St. Croix, you have the chance to spread the word that money is the root of all political evils, and scream from the roof tops that you’re paying attention!

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