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Be Rose Strauss (Friday Idea)

Updated: Jul 23, 2018


**Be Rose Strauss**

In a disgusting display of condescension, a PA Gubernatorial candidate calls Rose Strauss “young and naive” when she asks him a simple question about whether the corporate money he takes influences him.

We must all do what Rose Strauss did.

In the video linked above, the typical slimy and corrupt politician thinks he scored a victory with his dismissal of Rose Strauss.

Fact is, his non answer, his pivot to a soliloquy of rambling nonsense, scored a major victory for Rose Strauss and all the rest of us. He could have simply said “no,” but he didn’t.

We must all do what Rose Strauss did.

For the time being there are still some publicly available records of the huge amounts of money that flow into government to purchase politicians.

They will soon try to hide it all from us.

Just this week the Treasury Department announced it will stop requiring 501(c)(4) and (c)(6) nonprofit organizations to provide the names of their donors to the Internal Revenue Service.

Let that sink in. Democrat, Republican, Independent or otherwise. They don’t want us to know where the money is coming from. It could be coming from Saudi Arabia, or China, or Russia. With all the problems we face, they decided this week to keep us regular little citizens in the dark while they steal our democracy.

We must all do what Rose Strauss did.

Find the records, look up the numbers, make the connections while we still can. Go to forums, go to town halls, ask the simple questions of our elected officials and candidates who are supposed to represent ALL of us.

In West Virginia last year, Lissa Lucas paved the way for Rose Strauss. She listed the donors to a committee of her representatives and she was dragged away from the podium.

We must all do what Lissa Lucas did.

Many human beings unfortunately succumb to insatiable greed. Emboldened by their material wealth they convince themselves that they act for noble reasons, they repeat to themselves that they know what’s best for the rest of us, they create their own vision for the country, but our pesky democracy and the annoyance of voting gets in their way. But now, we’ve legalized political bribery in this country.... making their plans much simpler to put in place. They gerrymander They suppress They purge


**Be Rose Strauss**

Hold them accountable, make them answer, let it become a movement so that we may open the eyes and ears of our friends and neighbors.... before it’s too late.

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