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GOP Theatre

For a political party that likes to slash funding for the arts, they sure do love theatre.

I like theatre too, but at 42 years old I know enough to leave it to the professionals. The Wisconsin GOP haven’t learned that lesson.

They’re terrible actors but they love that spotlight. They opened a new show at 6 different venues across Wisconsin yesterday.

The premise of this play, that we’re all supposed to believe, is that earlier this week the GOP gathered in Madison with their caucus to figure out a way to help the new Governor achieve one of his campaign promises.

We’re supposed to believe that.

We’re also supposed to believe that this aspiring theatre troop who had control of the legislature and the executive branch for a decade, now as an act of good faith, wants to give the middle class a new tax cut.

Evers wants to pay for his middle class tax cut by eliminating a tax break for farms and manufacturers with annual incomes over $300,000 dollars. In other words, big farms and big manufacturers. The people who donate to and have the ear of the republicans.

During the 6 shows yesterday the GOP actors mentioned manufacturers and farmers but left out the “big” part. They need their middle class base to believe that the dastardly democrat Evers wants to raise their taxes when in fact, the opposite is true.

If you follow state politics you know this type of farce is nothing new. It’s a typical game that they play. But we shouldn’t allow it. We shouldn’t let them insult our intelligence like this.

Understand that while they hatched this scheme:

-townships are deciding if they use what little money they have to repair a culvert in the spring or sand the roads in the winter

-families are scared to drink their well water

-small farmers are desperately trying to keep the lights on

-adult children are searching for elder care for their parents amid widespread nursing home closures

And on and on.....

I’m hoping that before the curtain came down on the 6 shows yesterday, that the actors at least had the decency to thank the crowd for the blue ‘Middle Class Tax Cut’ placards that our tax dollars paid for.

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