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Foxconn Town Hall

I attended a meeting about the Foxconn deal last week. I was grateful to Rep. Gordon Hintz and Rep. Dana Wachs for bringing the story to our community.

Seeing the numbers and hearing the details of this monster deal would have been comical if the likely outcome were not so disastrous to the prosperity of the state and the environment.

The frustration in the room was palpable. Citizens angered at the speed with which this deal went through, and bewildered at the thought of how else the vast sums of money given to this company could have been spent around the state.

I appreciated hearing Rep. Wachs pledge to keep a laser focus on every detail of the deal and to pounce when Foxconn breaches it.

That is, in my opinion, the main lesson to learn and repeat over and over again.

They WILL breach it.

They already have an army of lawyers combing through the deal to see which of the meager rules they can bend and break.

Foxconn is not a person. Foxconn does not care about jobs or the prosperity of Wisconsin. Foxconn does not care about the water or the air or the traffic or the houses they plan to destroy using eminent domain.

Foxconn is not good Foxconn is not evil

Foxconn is an amoral, multi-national corporation. It’s focus is one thing, and one thing only: Profit.

Corporations are legal fictions that human beings have created. We are supposed to dictate how they function and how they impact our society, not vice versa.

Foxconn chose Wisconsin because:

-we have lax worker protections -they were allowed to skirt environmental rules -they were promised more tax payer subsidies than any other foreign company in the history of the United States! -and (educated guess) they were assured by the brazenly corrupt, donor loving, majority party that they’ll be able to get away with even more if they remember who approved this deal come election time.

Just yesterday Governor Walker said that the Foxconn folks were “concerned” about a democratic governor taking over.

Why the concern? The deal is done. If they follow the agreement there’s nothing a new governor could do to scrap it.

They’re concerned because they WILL violate the agreement. And they know that the current governor and legislative majority would look the other way when they do.


We live in a Capitalist society. Corporations can be very beneficial to a community, but they need to be closely monitored. This has been born out through history.

“I hope we shall take warning from the example and crush in it’s birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength, and to bid defiance to the laws of their country.”- Thomas Jefferson

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