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Find The Helpers

Yesterday, after the event had ended and the cameras were turned off, everyone there continued to discuss what we can do to help our neighbors.

This was not a planned conversation, it was actually time to go home.

It wasn’t organized. It just happened. We were there together so we talked. We spoke of panicked parents, stressed out teachers, water fountains, people with disabilities, kids at summer camps, masks, workers at stores and restaurants, nurses, kids involved in sports, the thought of winter, of health and human services workers, bus drivers.. The conversation of concern rolled on. There was no posturing, no scheming, no belittling, no campaign tactic talk, no talk at all of raising money.. everyone was just sharing stories and discussing how we can bring some confidence and hope and happiness and safety and good health to our neighbors. We were expressing our desperate eagerness to help. At the local level the choices could not be easier. There are people who actually just want to help, believe it, they exist. It’s us. People who simply want to serve. The thought of it brings us joy. Send us to work for you. So, thank you to the St. Croix Co Democrats for inviting me to speak at their downtown Hudson Headquarters Grand Opening. And as always, an honor to be with Patty Rivard Schachtner and Sarah Yacoub and Roy A. Sjoberg and Tammy Moothedan and Tricia Zunker (via the zoom)

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