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Farmers Market Vouchers (Friday Idea)

Updated: Jul 23, 2018


**Farmers Market Vouchers**

Inspired by this article, I propose an annual $10 farmers market voucher for every Wisconsinite.

-These vouchers would be used to buy fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese, or other healthy food products from Wisconsin farms, sold at farmers markets across the state.

-While $10 is not a huge amount per person, it could lead to repeat farmers market visits and the promotion of healthy eating and healthy living.

-This influx of money would go directly to small farms who struggle to survive in our mass food production society.

For the inevitable questions:

Who’s going to pay for it? Why should my tax dollars go to this?

1. Tens of millions of our tax dollars are given away annually in the form of breaks, subsidies, and sweetheart deals, to well connected people and companies. Much of it goes up in smoke and or goes directly into the pocket of the donor class.

Your taxes don’t need to go up. We just need to shift priorities.

2. The potential health benefits and small farm sustainability that could come from this program could save the state much more money in the long run than the program would cost initially.

Instead of further demonizing the poor and taking away perhaps their only chance to access healthy food with their SNAP benefits; we should keep farmers markets in their food share.

Then we should show the rest of the country that Wisconsin is leading the way in promoting good health for EVERYONE, while simultaneously working to support small and organic farms.

**Farmers Market Vouchers**

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