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Betsy De-Boss

Yesterday, we had a special visitor here in Wisconsin: Education Secretary, Betsy Devos.

For Wisconsin lawmakers who have helped funnel *$1.2 BILLION STATE DOLLARS* to private voucher schools since 2010, they should refer to her as Betsy De-Boss.

Remember this famous quote from our Education Secretary?

“I have decided to stop taking offense at the suggestion that we are buying influence. Now I simply concede the point. They are right. We do expect something in return.”-Betsy DeVos

The group she founded American Federation For Children has spent $6.5 million on attack ad’s in Wisconsin, $425,000 on lobbying, and DeVos herself has spent $52,000 herself on direct contributions since 2010 according to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

And voila... $1.2 Billion in State dollars to the private voucher schools she backs.

When you go to town board meetings and good people are struggling to figure out how to pay for their roads and bridge repairs.... -Tell them about the $1.2 billion

When you see public school districts struggling, considering referenda to raise local taxes to keep their doors open... -Remind them about the $1.2 billion

Thanks for the visit Betsy. Maybe next time you could consider visiting the public schools that have closed since 2010 and spend some money on apology ad’s.


Here’s a radical idea: How about we elect representatives who work to do what’s best for all Wisconsinites, not what’s best for those who spend the most money.

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