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One of my political pet peeves in recent years is the hijacking of the term “grassroots” by groups and politicians who are nothing of the sort.

Americans for Prosperity Wisconsin boasts: “We are the premier grassroots organization in the US” ... an ironic statement from a group created by and funded by a couple billionaires from Kansas. Billionaires who have no problem spreading pollution that kills the grass AND the roots!

Wisconsin Senate hopeful Leah Vukmir frequently touts her grassroots support. Maybe I’m crazy, but when billionaire donor Diane Hendricks is already spending over $600,000 to run ads in your favor, the ‘grassroots’ line becomes a line of BS.

As I tried to think of a word that was bound to the earth we live on, like grassroots is, I recalled all the people I’ve met in recent months who are deeply concerned about the health of our ground water and our waterways.

Much of the 29th district is in the beautiful but ailing Red Cedar Watershed.

When the people I meet realize that there’s a potential to have a state representative who will work honestly and tirelessly to protect and restore our unique natural surroundings.. their eyes light up. Scores of great citizens are working for something larger than themselves, and they need a voice in Madison to speak for them and bolster their work.

And so, I invite you to be a part of this Watershed Movement.

I reached out to my boundlessly talented artist friend Coltan James with the Watershed idea. They put together this new logo highlighting the waterway lifeblood of Wisconsin and the blue shape of the 29th.

And so, for now, I say farewell to the word ‘grassroots.’ Hopefully it’ll survive its current day twisting, mangling and misuse; and return to its true meaning.

Pro tip: If you want to find out if your politician or candidate is using the old school version of grassroots, or the new deceptive one, ask them one question:

Will you refuse to take big money and PAC donations?

Then you’ll have your answer.

P.S. We're making T-shirts of the above image:

...if you would like one, follow this link, and for $29 donation, we'll send ya one!

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