John was born in 1976. His father, the son of Italian immigrants, was a game warden. His mother, the daughter of Irish immigrants, is a lawyer still practicing law today at 76 years young. 


After working as an apprentice woodworker for 2 years, John moved on to a large cabinet shop where he became a department supervisor, advocating for dozens of employees.  John now owns and operates a small, one man woodworking and carpentry shop in Menomonie, where he lives with his wife Simone and their two boys.

John is in his second year of serving on the Dunn County Board of Supervisors, proudly representing the Dunn County residents of District 14. 

The County Board has been the perfect place to learn:

  -How best to serve as a neighbor representing neighbors 

  -How to serve without partisan rancor 

  -How state policy hinders local government’s ability to do the job it is supposed to do 


John has worked alongside many tradesmen and women in Western Wisconsin over the years. Western Wisconsin is filled with hard working honest people, who hope to preserve the lands where they hunt, fish and farm. People who work to help assure a vibrant future for their children and grandchildren.


John was also the Legislative Director of an all volunteer anti-corruption group in Wisconsin for 4 years. He helped guide the tireless efforts of dozens of concerned Republicans and Democrats.  These efforts led to the introduction of anti-corruption resolutions in the State Legislature in two consecutive legislative sessions.  


John decided to dedicate so much time to this volunteer effort out of deep concern for his democracy, his neighbors, his children, and the continued success of this evolving American experiment. 


Meeting and debating with many legislators in Madison helped give him the experience to speak with knowledge and dedication for the people of Western Wisconsin. 


We as a nation and a state are now faced with an unprecedented challenge. John understands that finger pointing, blaming and spreading fear will not help and is not what Americans and Wisconsinites are supposed to do. 

John believes the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic has presented us with an opportunity to tap into that legendary American spirit, to come together bravely and proudly find solutions together. 


John is ready to serve with traits that have gone missing in today’s politics:







John will take hold of this full time job and fight for:

  -Local Control

  -Public Education

  -Health Care for All

  -Small Farms

  -Small Business

  -Clean Water 

  -Healthy Soil

  -Arts and Music

  -Thriving Communities 

And for your:



  -Pursuit of Happiness 


“For too long I’ve watched as your State House as been turned into an auction house. The elite powers in Madison do not want me to win because they know I will call out and be a part of the movement to put an end to their corrupt game of lying and stealing your tax dollars to enrich their friends. 


I will bring real, full time, attentive representation to the 29th Assembly District... something that you have been without for the past decade. I will end the games of deception and division that are destroying the Wisconsin you love. 


It’s not Left vs. Right. It’s casino-style politics vs. the everyday people of Wisconsin


I’m with the people.

I'm with YOU. 

Send me to work for you.

You won’t regret it.

You won’t forget it.” 


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